10 Tips to Market Your Brand on WeChat

While most companies are still having a hard time engaging their customers through WeChat, it is well known that WeChat Marketing is the next big thing. Even two years ago, WeChat used to be just another instant messaging platform for one to one communication. At present, WeChat is being aggressively marketed both inside and outside China, with more than 300 million monthly active users.

With WeChat Marketing, using a service or a subscription account, companies can either focus on providing users with a more interactive experience or just plain give updates frequently. Here are ten best tips to kick start your WeChat Marketing strategy.

  1. WeChat in your Brand Ecosystem: WeChat, unlike its predecessor, Weibo, has more of an offline to online (O2O) feel for consumers. With WeChat’s Service Account, you can in fact create a brand ecosystem that can have many utilities in your brand landing page such as inclusion of ecommerce, surveys, polls and games. Let users avail your services digitally through WeChat!
  2. Defining content strategy: The following types of content are publishable on WeChat- text, visual, audio, text+visual (a small article with pictures) and video. In your marketing activities, you can include WeChat to deliver e-coupons, issuing VIP cards, sending notifications of offers, and more.
  3. Choosing the account type: It is best to make a thorough choice before choosing either a service or a subscription account. For companies that need their voices heard, a subscription account is the better option. However, if your company is looking to create utilities using WeChat Marketing, you should opt for the service account.
  4. Innovation is key: The Chinese really like it when advertising is innovative and attractive. Hence, your ad needs to stand out from the crowd. Think up exciting promotional offers, games and activities to keep users engaged.
  5. Quality content: If you have chosen the service account over subscription account, each post is valuable. With the limit set in the number of posts you make, you need to amp up your advertisement game. Make sure you have your account verified, which is a marker of high quality content recognized centrally by WeChat.
  6. Rewards and Loyalty Programs: WeChat users need to feel special, hence, your promotional and membership provisions should be something different and exclusive for WeChat users to gain their confidence. Reward programs, points and VIP memberships can be provided to your WeChat followers
  7. Put the QR Code to use: The QR code of your company can be a powerful tool to use in WeChat marketing. Put it up in all your brochures, fliers and even receipts so that customers are encouraged to discover more. Maybe direct them to a discount coupon!
  8. Incentives: Alongside monetary incentives, provide your users exclusive sneak peeks into your upcoming projects to keep them with you.
  9. Use the Custom Menu: The Custom Menu in Service Accounts can help enrich the user experience as you can include games, polls and services into it to showcase your products and services.
  10. Website alternative: Your WeChat landing page can be a mini mobile version of your website, even though you have a really good one. Make your customers avail your services without ever having to leave the WeChat app.

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