5 Reasons Why You Need to Advertise on WeChat

Tencent really has taken the game home this time, with the advent of ‘Moments’ and WeChat Advertising. ‘Moments’ are interactive advertisements that have the provision for users to like or comment on them. However, WeChat ads are a tad more competitive. If an ad is not getting enough likes or comments, it is going to be taken down.
Initially, all of this was available only to Chinese companies. However, multinational companies like BMW and Coca Cola got a head start. At present companies in the UK, the US, and Canada have access to WeChat Advertising. WeChat ads are undoubtedly the next big thing to invest in, and here are five reasons why.

  1. Target reach redefined: WeChat has pretty much outdone itself by making audience reach more targeted than ever before. The defaults, i.e., location and gender, as well as additional targeting options are pretty impressive, which include age, education, operating system and internet environment. Both your marketing strategy as well as advertisement pricing depends a great deal on targeting.
  2. Sub- menus that help sell: On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; your advertisement is just a picture, or at most a dedicated page or account. On WeChat, your presence is more than just that. Most companies that have just started out with WeChat Advertising are still thinking Instagram style- posting a daily update or picture. However, they are yet to discover Customized Menus. These ingenious menus are like buttons that can showcase your products through links to newsletters or links.
  3. Ad Performance: Stressing the importance of user experience, WeChat Advertising carefully regulates when and how often ads appear on news feeds. Dubbed ‘impressions’ by WeChat, three types of indicators are used- appearing of ads on the newsfeed, a click on external links by user and of course, likes and comments on the ad. If it is not performing well in terms of likes and comments, the ad will be removed after six hours. Though it sounds like quite the challenge, with clever marketing, you can use this trait of WeChat to your advantage.
  4. A Single Ecosystem: Chinese users pretty much eat, drink and sleep through WeChat. Without ever leaving the app, the 396 million monthly active users of the app can book hotels, do their shopping, buy and sell stocks, order food and much more. Even if your company already has a great website and you feel like redirecting WeChat users to it, there is practically no need for it. China Merchants Bank, for example, offers their WeChat clients on-platform services, such as checking bank balance, searching for ATM booths and offering special deals.
  5. Optimizing the QR code: When you have registered your WeChat business account, you now have your own QR code. This opens up a great new way to interact with clients and actually leave an impression. Make the code lead your clients to bonuses and rewards, and you have made your advertising move.

If WeChat Advertising has created some ripples over at your creative team, enquire more to contact us for WeChat business services.

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