What we do ...

We help brands raise awareness, increase engagement with the Chinese by providing WeChat marketing consultancy and platforms development.

Established in 1999, Biz N Consumer Solution Pte Ltd (BNCS) was engaged in marketing and after-sales service for Telco companies in Singapore. In 2013, we started to help Singapore businesses to raise awareness, increase engagement with the Chinese by providing Chinese digital marketing consultancy and platforms development.

As a one-stop Chinese digital marketing and training services provider, BNCS has been involved in the rapid evolution of the Chinese digital environment, especially during the massive rise of Chinese travellers and Belts & Road Initiative over the last few years.

We provide services in various online platforms set-up, content management, APP development, copywriting and translation services, advertising campaigns management as well as training which includes SkillsFuture Credit Funded courses.

Our Management Team

We aim to add value every step of your marketing journey


Warren Teh


Warren is a seasoned entrepreneur and trainer certified by ACTA and People’s Association specializing in WeChat marketing development in Singapore since 2013. Warren has established himself in the field of digital marketing for over 10 years, and his profound engagement in a range of online platforms enabled him to provide practical business approach based on hands-on expertise, not just theory as many conventional teaching methods are based on.

To leverage on the emergence of China as the world’s second largest economy and a growing number of the mainland nationals migrating to Singapore and other ASEAN countries, Warren currently sets his key focus on training and development of WeChat, a powerful social media marketing tool to reach out to the China market.


Andrej Uličný

Cambodia Representative

Andrej have been involved in sales and marketing for over a decade now - 5 years in Europe and 5 years in Singapore. He currently resides in Phnom Penh and is resposible for business development of Cambodia's market.

He loves helping his clients come up with unique marketing campaigns that turn sad prospects into happy customers. As an experienced copywriter and talented wordsmith, he helps you communicate your ideas clearly and excitingly – turning clients buying decision in your favour. He likes to add value through the whole marketing journey. This includes strategies how you can improve your sales conversion or increase the loyalty of your customers.

In his free time he likes to read books, write, meditate or exercise. His interests range from health, exercise and psychology to philosophy, politics and science. He enjoys healthy eating, deep conversations, walks in nature, getting to know new people and trying new things.



Aaron Huang

Chief Trainer

Aaron is an active Chinese social media advocate. He brings cutting edge marketing solutions and strategies from China and teaches companies how to leverage on them. He taps into his years of experience handling sales and marketing at Greater China Region for both American and Chinese MNCs. He spearheaded and crafted many Chinese social media marketing strategies together with their execution.

Inspired by Douyin/Tik Tok's exponential growth, Aaron now dedicates his professional life to share his knowledge how you can use Douyin/Tik Tok to boost your brand.

cammie zhang

Cammie Zhang 张佳

International Business Development Manager

Cammie Zhang has an extensive experience in marketing and business development. She has mastered these skills while working in Singapore and China for the past 8 years.

As a franchise consultant in Singapore, she has helped many local and international franchise to rebrand, retool and repackage their product or service to local customs. As a direct result they entered new markets, opened more locations, gained more customers and increase their revenue. The companies she has been involved with range from F&B, education and retail to lifestyle and software.

As a Chinese, armed with this international experience, she's now back in China to help internation brands enter and grow their share here. Based in Shenzhen, the 'Chinese Silicon valley', she keeps herself up to date with Chinese market information and local trends. She also helps companies to develop their brands and get more leads on Chinese social media such as Baidu, WeChat, Toutiao and Douyin (TikTok).




Johannes Iskandar Chan

Senior Business Development Manager

Being born in Indonesia and living in Singapore for nearly 20 years I have developed a deep understanding of cultural differences in SE Asia. I am also happy to be MBA graduate with full scholarship. This experience gives me a sound business acumen when it comes to consulting clients like you on how get the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Because of my fluency in Indonesian, I am a go-to person when our clients want to market their brand in Indonesia or Malaysia.

All throughout my career the success of my customers is my greatest reward. Being from the telco industry I like to keep in touch with the latest technology developments and educate my clients on how they can get all the benefits from it.