Set Your Business Up On WeChat

Date: 6 Nov 2019 (Wed) , 9:00am - 5:00pm

Venue: Diamond Twin Tower Floor 15 (Kesoko Room), Diamond Island (Koh Pich), Phnom Penh 

WeChat is not just another messaging APP, it is a platform which enables to do anything and everything in China. With many innovative features that the Western counterparts do not have, it has become the biggest phenomenon on the Chinese market and offers limitless opportunities.

While many point to Alibaba as an example of a new eCommerce and banking ecosystem, WeChat is also often described as an ubiquitous app experience that rules them all. Expanding beyond China, WeChat is now available in more than 25 countries, with more than 1 billion Monthly Active Users.

The question is: How can you leverage the integrated and seamless nature of this SUPER ALL-IN-ONE APP to promote your business to the Huge China Market and beyond?

This 1-day training will equip you with a profound foundation of WeChat Marketing.

Learning Outcome

  • Have an overall understanding on WeChat App and its unique functions that Facebook & Whatsapp do not have

  • Know how to use WeChat personal account functions for work effectively

  • Understand the difference between a personal account and Official Account

  • Understand the difference between mainland China and overseas accounts (for both personal account and Official Account)

  • Understand how to apply and develop WeChat Official Account, with a non-Chinese business license

  • Understand how to use the powerful features of Official Account to provide customized solutions

  • Understand how to promote Official Account through WeChat advertising and KOLs to drive traffic and generate sales from China

  • Understand how to engage Chinese followers and increase conversion through targeted content

  • Understand how to integrate WeChat Pay for transactions

  • Successful case studies from various industries

What You Will Learn

Basic Concepts

  • • Overview about WeChat
  • • Comparison between WeChat with other social media platforms
  • • Practical functions for daily work
  • • WeChat Search for prospects, market intelligent etc
  • • Moments Marketing
  • • Different between personal and business accounts

Develop Official Account Functionalities

  • • Menu Creation
  • • Broadcast Messaging
  • • Auto Reply
  • • Direct Messaging
  • • Follower Management
  • • Content Management
  • • Analytic

Content Analysis & Generation

  • • Discussion on types of materials involved
  • • Statistical data generation of contents
  • • Hands-on experience in content creation
  • • Content quality analysis
  • • Improvisation techniques
  • • Do’s and Don’ts of WeChat

Contents Categorization & Marketing Tips

  • • Message Broadcast
  • • Menu generating techniques
  • • Case studies of various industries
  • • Marketing Tips

Extra Benefits

1. Free Lifetime Learning


2. Group Review after Course Attended


3. Exclusive Community

Join our WeChat community to find new prospects & business partners to enhance your business to the next level

Price per Pax

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Hello! I'm Warren Teh

Warren is a seasoned entrepreneur and trainer certified by ACTA and People’s Association specializing in WeChat marketing development in Singapore. He is a founder and CEO of Biz N Consumer Solution Pte Ltd (1999 till present), a Telco service provider meeting customers’ Telco requirements with deep insight in the latest trend and customized solutions.

A major turnaround in his career came in 1997 when he suffered losses due to Asian Financial Crisis. Warren drove himself from a top sales person with Singapore Cable Vision to entrepreneur and so far founded several businesses such as:

  • @WeddingCars.SG and @LimoCars.SG, Singapore’s very first successful online booking platform to rent luxury wedding cars and procure limousine services;

  • Kohii, a Tokyo style café;

  • Kirei Maid Services, a domestic helper placement company targeting Japanese household in Singapore;

  • Welinx Communications, a provider of one-stop solution for Telco system integration and APP development services

Warren has established himself in the field of digital marketing for over 10 years, and his profound engagement in a range of online platforms enabled him to provide practical business approach based on hands-on expertise, not just theory as many conventional teaching methods are based on.

To leverage on the emergence of China as the world’s second largest economy and a growing number of the mainland nationals migrating to Singapore and other ASEAN countries, Warren currently sets his key focus on training and development of WeChat, a powerful social media marketing tool to reach out to the China market.


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