Express Facebook Mastery

Brand yourself quickly and start marketing simply on Facebook the right way!

Date: 26 Jun 2019 (Wed) , 9:00am - 5:00pm

Venue:  Royal Chartered Academy Institute, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Address: New Steung Mean Chey Mall, First Floor, No: 523 Monireth Blvd,

Sangkat Steung Mean Chey, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

What You Will Learn


Discover the Strategic Overview on Facebook Branding and Marketing Strategies that are tailored to your Client's Buying Journey


Find out how you should instead be using the 2 other Branding and Marketing Strategies - Pit Stop and Being Differenter, to brand and market your business and yourself to sell your products or services simply, quickly and affordably.


Uncover the 20 Proprietary Facebook Branding Techniques that directly guide you in posting, reacting, commenting, sharing, tagging and even have your friends following you on your Personal Profile, Facebook Group and Facebook Page.


Learn the most effective ways in crafting Facebook Ads via our rigourously tried-and-tested Strategies and Tricks.


Discover the ways to find the most Targeted Audience for your ads. No, their Interests alone are not enough.

Especially for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Sales Agents, Trainers and Coaches, Network Marketers and any Entrepreneurs who are finding it impossible to get your products and services to be noticed on Facebook...

You read that with 7+ million Facebook users in Cambodia alone, marketing your service or product would be so effortless. They told you that you would be making a truckload of money when just 0.01% of them buy from you. And they promised you that if you keep on posting, your clients will keep on buying.

Oh, ain’t the reality far from being so!

Despite all your efforts in scouring for contents, sharing viral articles and posting about your service or product day and night, you are getting only that occasional Like! And it is likely from your colleague, your spouse or worst, yourself!

And you know what? All these were in 2016! If your strategies haven’t been working then, imagine what your results will be for the rest of 2019!

Even if you had some success with your marketing and branding efforts on Facebook, with all the changes to Facebook’s tools and algorithm recently and your customers’ buying behaviour, the rest of the year will be a challenging for all of us!

And in just a few months, what you read, what you’ve learnt, and what success you have been experiencing will fade into history!

Well, what if I tell you all these are due to just one simple fact…

Trends on Facebook change faster than we can keep up with.

Join me in this totally mind-blowing, engaging and fun workshop to discover how you have to Train Facebook to Supercharge Your Personal and Business Branding!

In this 1-day power-packed workshop, you will:

  • Understand what Cooking An Egg has everything to do with you succeeding or failing in selling your products or services. No, this isn't a cooking class, although the secret to success lies in a part of the egg that not many people know… yet!

  • Uncover the Psyche of Facebook and understand what monster you are dealing with! In doing so, you can take advantage of what you know, that 99% of other Facebook users don't, to stand out from your competitors!

  • Know how to make full use of Facebook's Algorithm to influence your Facebook friends and Page fans (and their friends) to want to follow you, support you and eventually buy from you!

  • Learn how to properly Post to get maximum Reach and Engagement... without to spend a single cent on ads!

  • Learn how to properly React to, Comment on, and Share the posts of People Of Influence (POIs) to get them to notice and work with you!

...and as a bonus...

  • Find out the 3 Simple but Critical Facebook Branding Tools you have to immediate implement! You stand to lost more than 50% of your clients if you left these as they are!

...and a whole lot more, including analysing live a Facebook expert's profile right in front of your eyes!

This is a rare opportunity for you to discover many innovativesurprising, even unorthodox tricks and techniques that Facebook does not tell you about and you cannot learn online!



Colin Goh is one-half of a husband-and-wife team who double-handedly built up their successful omni-channel marketing agency – Learns Marketing, from scratch. Their agency partners government entities, business owners and solopreneurs by helping them market their services and products, and brand themselves through a myriad of digital and conventional channels.

In 3 years, through close guidance and unconventional marketing strategies from them, their partners and clients have closed in excess of 8 figures in sales.

Being passionate with imparting his knowledge on Facebook marketing and business strategies, Colin also frequently conducts workshops and consultation sessions for small business owners who prefer to DIY in their marketing and business development efforts.

As the CEO of Yellow Pages Marketing, Colin has also the experience in helping enterprise-level companies, MNCs and government entities.

In 2016, together with his wife Jessica, they released their well sought-after book – “10 Facebook Marketing Secrets Exposed”. Targeted at small business owners and entrepreneurs, and now in its second edition, their book has helped many become significantly more effective in marketing on Facebook while lowering their ad costs at the same time.

More recently, the couple has also kickstarted a revolutionary marketing concept beyond content and leads generation. Named Trust Generation, this complex business model made it possible for Learns Marketing to close nearly $250k worth of business deals in the first quarter of the year.

What is so intriguing about Colin and Jessica is that both of them had no formal academic training in marketing and business. All their strategies on marketing, branding and business are derived from their in-depth studies and analysis, years and tens of thousands of dollars invested in learning from actual entrepreneurs, and fine-tuning, adapting their techniques and meticulously testing as and when the industry evolves.

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