How to Register for WeChat Official Business Account?

You are probably hearing it from all directions; the news is spreading like wildfire. Advertising on WeChat is undoubtedly the next big thing, and it is high time your company jumps into the bandwagon to reap the benefits of this great advertising platform. Interacting with your target user group, showcasing what you have to offer has never been more comprehensive with the use of dedicated QR codes, competitive advertising, in-platform utilities and many more.

In order to kick start your WeChat marketing strategy, you need to register your very own WeChat Official Business Account that can help you post updates and reach a wide audience. The first step to registering your own WeChat Official Business Account is to understand what different types of business accounts WeChat has to offer. The two types of Business Accounts are Service Account and Subscription Account.

This or That?

The major decision to make while registering for your Business Account is to choose between a Subscription or Service Account. While the Subscription Account allows you to make more frequent posts, your advertisements go to a separate Subscription Account subfolder in the users’ screen. Businesses also get a 48 hour window to reply to messages, but there are no push notifications for each new post, nor can your business customize the API using developer tools. Therefore, you operate your account in the standard WeChat look and feel. This is ideal for relatively less known companies that need to spread the word.

On the other hand, Service Accounts are made for businesses that need less promotional activities but more class. There are only 4 broadcasts a month, which are received as a contract. There is also access to exclusive WeChat public platform features, custom menus, payment API, and push notifications for each new post. This is more suited for businesses with an already good name that are looking to make WeChat their business environment.

Registering as a Foreign Business

For businesses outside of China, self service registration is not available as of now. You can submit a proposal to, stating your purpose and how you intend on using your WeChat Official Business Account. In your application, mention if you want a Subscription or a Service Account, and if you need access to WeChat Developer Tools and Advanced Features. Some basic business credentials are also necessary that will determine the validity of your business. The more official the documentation, the better; do not hesitate to scan your tax returns documents or business cards. If you are not getting a response from the team, you can follow up by email to or

Registering as a Chinese Business

As a Chinese business, you probably know how much and how urgently you need to register for a WeChat Official Business Account today. You will need the these four important things- Chinese ID, mobile phone number, organization code and business license. The process of registration is completed step by step, according to the provided forms.

Enquire more for more insights and information on how to get your very own WeChat Official Business Account with minimum hassle!

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