Meetup : Kampong Spirit for business @7pm, 15 July 2016

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Date: 15 July 2016, 7:00 PM
Venue: Imperial Treasure Noodle House
Address: 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-121B, Midview City Singapore
Admission: FREE (please buy yourself a drink to support the venue)

This meetup is to promote "Kampong (neighborhood) Spirit" for business enterprise.

1st 20 members will have the chance to make Elevator Pitch (1 min).

5 tips to develop your pitch:
Make them care. It really comes down to answering that question: "What can you do for me?" To get to this point, introduce yourself and address a problem right out of the gate. Explain the benefits your company can offer, which is ultimately a real solution. Personalize this person's problem into a question and give them the best solution: your company.
Make it easy to join. If you have worked with some big name brands already, don’t be afraid to mention that. It shows that you have credibility and you are growing.
Leave them wanting more. Elevator pitches are meant to be short, so don't try to pack in too much. Explain your expertise, why you are best suited for the execution and a general overview. The secret sauce should be saved for later. All you're required to do is be able to confidently broadcast that you know exactly what you're doing.
Have a call to action. You did this pitch for a reason right? No matter if you wanted to snag an investment or gain a new client or employee, let your goals be known. If you are raising money, communicate how much you want and how much equity you're willing to part with. If you're trying to win over an employee or a client, let them know exactly what you want from them.
Be natural. Get comfortable with your pitch. Have passion, yet show some restraint. Most of all, relax! If you stumble that is totally fine, smile and start over. Practice as much as you can eventually you will find the perfect pitch for you.
Test yourself. We can't all pitch for the big leagues right away. As such, it's good to get as much feedback as possible.

Click on the link below to join the league!

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