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Establish Your Brand Via TikTok

Date: 18 Nov 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 3pm - 5.15pm

Venue: Zoom Webinar

With increasing spending power among the millennial, marketing effectively to this young generation has become vital. Have an attention span of only 8 seconds and be bombarded with all kinds of information, short video becomes an effective way to reaching to them. Tik Tok, being the dominating player in short video, has rising popularity among the youths and it has evolved from merely an entertainment tool to a marketing tool.

Launched by Chinese company ByteDance in 2016, TikTok has been described as a mashup of Vine, Twitter and Instagram, allowing its 500 million monthly users world-wide to create short-form, music-focused videos and edit them with lenses, filters, and AR features.

TikTok has a younger clientele than other social media platforms. If you can create videos that appeal to the demographics on TikTok, it could be a valuable marketing tool for your business. TikTok is billed as a social media platform where you show your real side.

In Q2 2019, as the hottest social platform, TikTok became the world's most downloaded IOS application, surpassing Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and WeChat. Currently in the stage of rapid growth, TikTok is the highest traffic generation on mobile social media platform, it is 1 of the most effective short video marketing platform to build brand in China but also the most critical tool to promote branding in ASEAN countries.

This course is to unlock the mystery of using Tik Tok as a marketing tool. It will help ordinary people, business owners and marketers to harness the power of Tik Tok and achieve their goals

Learning Outcome


Understand the ecosystem of Tik Tok


Understand the methodology of creating a viral short video


From 0 to 1, bring in traffic for your Tik Tok account


Understand the detailed Tik Tok operation techniques


Effectively build a Tik Tok marketing team


Effectively build up personal or commercial brands via Tik Tok


Monetize your influential power


Video Editing using Tik Tok Platform

What You Will Learn

  • Why Tik Tok has a great potential?
  • Experience of successful Tik Tok individual and organization KOLs (key opinion leaders)
  • The complete process of becoming a Tik Tok KOLs
  • Importance of positioning
  • 5 key features of viral videos
  • How to build up your fan base
  • 3 Techniques of operating a Tik Tok account
  • 6 Monetization methods for individual and organization KOLs


Aaron is an active Chinese social media advocate. He has over 5 years of sales and marketing experience handling sales at Greater China Region for both American and Chinese MNCs. During this experience, he spearheaded crafting Chinese social media marketing strategies together with their execution.

Inspired by ever increasing attention for Douyin/Tik Tok, Aaron now dedicates his professional life to share his knowledge about how to utilize Douyin/Tik Tok to boost your brand.



With 26 years of industry experience under Eric's belt, he makes photography as easy for you as a stroll in a park on Sunday afternoon. From product shoots to industrial photography, from rain drops to snowflakes, Eric has laid his mobile camera lenses on almost everything.

That's why clients like Tan Tock Seng Hospital, HDB Board, Eu Yan Sang, MSD, Tangs and many more, rely on his expertise to position and showcase them in a way, that makes them look irresistible for their customers.

For our TikTok Masterclass Eric will be teaching you the shortcuts, hacks and workflows how you can easily handle the technical side of video making. Even if you're a complete beginner and not a technical person. All you need is just your smartphone to get started.

His TikTok Videography System will teach you step by step how to make professional looking videos on a shoestring budget. You will learn everything from what kind of equipment to buy (and what not to buy), how to setup studio quality lighting at your home, the ideal angles for your video shoot, best tripods to hold your camera and much, much more.


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