Tip: How to search on WeChat?

WeChat search is a feature within the WeChat app that allows users to search for specific content, such as messages, contacts, articles, mini programs, and public accounts. Users can access WeChat search by tapping on the "Search" icon located on the app's under "Discover".

WeChat search uses a smart search algorithm that can recognize keywords in various formats, including text, voice, and image. This feature can be particularly useful for users who need to quickly find specific information within their WeChat conversations or explore new content on the platform.

Some common use cases for WeChat search include:

  • Finding messages or conversations with specific keywords
  • Searching for contacts by name or keyword
  • Discovering new Mini Programs or Official Accounts by searching for relevant keywords or categories
  • Looking up articles or news stories on WeChat's integrated search engine

Overall, WeChat search is a powerful feature that can help users navigate the platform more efficiently and discover new content. It's an essential tool for anyone who uses WeChat regularly and wants to make the most of its features.

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