WeChat Ecosystem: Providing Solutions for Enterprises to Expand their Business

WeChat's ecosystem provides a range of digital solutions that are based on WeChat Pay, which serves as the entrance to the platform. The ecosystem integrates a range of digital tools such as Official Accounts, Mini Programs, WeChat Channels (video accounts), QR code scanning, WeChat groups and Moments, all of which have landing scenarios overseas. These tools can be used to create innovative solutions for various industries, including e-commerce, tourism, retail, F&B, education institutions etc.

Building a New Platform for Social E-Commerce

One of the key advantages of WeChat's ecosystem is that it enables enterprises to build a new platform for social e-commerce. This has effectively promoted the transformation of traditional retail into cross-border e-commerce and facilitated better connections between overseas brands and domestic users. For example, over the past two years, the number of active WeChat Mini Programs from Southeast Asian merchants has increased tenfold. This includes Big C, one of Thailand's largest supermarkets, and Wanjing Conservation Group, which operates tourist attractions such as Singapore's largest wildlife world and zoo.


In April 2021, the Korean street fashion brand, launched a WeChat Mini Program Mall, and in just a few months, the average monthly transaction volume of Mini Programs increased by nearly 40%. About 30% of customers continue to repurchase in the Mini Program. In October 2020, Japan Tsuruha Drug Express launched a cross-border e-commerce Mini Program, based on WeChat's ecological capabilities with social communication sharing as leverage, received 24% order conversion rate, 43% half-year repeat orders, and a sharing rate of 20%. Mini Program transactions increased by 200%, and successfully opened up new revenue channel during the epidemic.

A New Cross-Border Sales Model: Weixin Mini Programs + eCommerce + social media.

Enriching Innovative Tourism and Promoting Chinese-style "Smart City" Projects to Go Overseas

WeChat's ecosystem can be used to enrich innovative tourism and promote Chinese-style "smart city" projects to go overseas. For example, Furano City Government of Japan reached a cooperation agreement with WeChat Pay at the end of 2020, allowing Chinese tourists to make ski resort reservation, ticket purchase, bus route inquiry, QR code recognition for riding through the Furano Mini Program.

The national railway operation departments of Switzerland and South Korea have also launched official ticket purchase via WeChat Mini Programs, which not only improve the efficiency and experience of Chinese tourists in purchasing tickets but also solve the pain points of language and information barriers. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands is also Europe's first WeChat Pay smart flagship airport, providing Chinese tourists with a faster overseas travel experience through full-platform ecological capabilities such as Mini Programs and WeChat Pay.

Helping Local Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Digital Transformation

In the age of digitalization, businesses must adapt to keep up with the rapidly changing times. WeChat Marketing Development is one such digital solution that Singapore merchants can adopt to improve their businesses. WeChat has a large user base, making it an attractive platform for merchants to engage with their customers. In this article, we will explore several case studies of how WeChat has helped Singaporean businesses transform and thrive.

The first case study is Grab, the ride-hailing platform. Grab launched a Mini Program on WeChat, allowing WeChat users to request rides directly from 480 cities in eight Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore. This move was aimed at Chinese tourists who are unlikely to download additional apps during their travels. Mini Program has enabled Grab to offer a more convenient taxi service to Chinese tourists, further expanding their customer base.


Second case study is Mandai Conservation Group, which has used WeChat to enhance visitor experience at Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari. Visitors can purchase tickets and rent strollers through the WeChat Mini Program. Since launch, their Mini Program has attracted over 10,000 users and increased sevenfold on average monthly user base. The Mini Program complemented existing ticketing channels, providing a more convenient and seamless experience for visitors.

CapitaLand Mall is another Singapore's business that has leveraged on WeChat to offer convenient shopping experience to Chinese tourists. In 2019, CapitaLand Mall introduced WeChat Pay to its eight shopping centers. Today, CapitaMall's WeChat account has over 200,000 followers and was the first merchant in Singapore to try Mini Programs. After the launch of the Mini Program, offline transactions increased by 16.5%, and the number of Mini Program visits quadrupled in one year.

The fourth case study is Metro, a department store that launched a WeChat Mini Program during the pandemic to provide customers with a seamless online and offline omni-channel shopping experience. Metro's Mini Program was widely welcomed, demonstrating the importance of digital transformation in the retail industry.

Final case study is WeChat Pay's partnership with Singapore's hawker centers. WeChat Pay has connected to nearly 10,000 hawker restaurants in Singapore, providing customers with a fast, cashless, and zero-contact mobile payment experience. During the pandemic, WeChat Pay helped hawker centers increase the number of transactions and launched the "Singapore Food Check-in" activity to promote Singapore's food culture in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival.

In conclusion, WeChat Marketing Development is a digital solution that can help Singapore businesses transform and thrive. The case studies above demonstrate how businesses in various industries have used WeChat to improve customer experience, increase transactions, and promote their brand. With WeChat's large user base (over 1 million mainland Chinese live in Singapore excluding tourist) and its suite of digital tools, Singapore merchants can engage with their customers more effectively and achieve business goals.

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