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About WeChat Pay

  • Payment solution completedly integrated inside WeChat
  • Quick, easy and instant payment for users
  • Enjoy an easier life - pay everything without cash or cards

Usage of WeChat Pay

  • Department Store / Fashion Retailing
  • Hotel / B&B
  • Live Event / Concert / KTV
  • Taxi / Flight / Mass Transit
  • Restaurant / Vending Machine / Bar

WeChat Pay Solutions

We offer a broad range of WeChat Pay services


Static QR Code

  • Good for small merchants
  • No extra investment needed
  • A table stand and mobile phone needed only

EDC Machine

  • Good for mid/large merchants
  • No extra IT integration needed
  • Help build brand image as safe and professional

IT Integration

  • Good for large/chain merchants
  • Having your own ordering/cashier system
  • Capacity for IT integration
  • Good experience at the cashier
  • No extra hardware needed

Dynamic QR Code

  • Good for online merchants
  • Unique QR code corresponding with each amount / each payment
  • Available for online shopping website or WeChat official account