WeChat's Enduring Dominance Amidst Evolving Social Media Trends

Several months ago, WeChat enhanced its Official Account display functions by introducing new features, including the Livestream function (which I haven't tried yet) and an auto-generated "listened /听全文" function. This feature allows viewers to tap on it and listen to the content instead of reading the article. You can find the article below on WeChat by searching for its title "Jingle Bells and Dragon Spells" to experience it firsthand. I was impressed by the minimal errors that occurred during the listening session. (My article is in English so it's read out in English with Chinese accent😆)

With the emergence of other social media platforms like XiaoHongShu (小红书) and TikTok (抖音), attention on the WeChat platform has started to dilute. Nonetheless, WeChat remains a dominant player, serving not only as a messenger app but also as a payment service provider.

Companies leverage WeChat Official Accounts not only to function as a virtual storefront for displaying their company profile, products and/or services but also to create engaging content in the form of articles or short videos (WeChat Channels is a short video platform to compete with TikTok). This content is used to broadcast the latest updates and run campaigns, fostering interaction with their followers.

Moreover, government bodies recognize the potential of WeChat Official Accounts, using them as a means to update the public on the latest news and actively engage with the audience. Despite the evolving social media landscape, WeChat continues to play a pivotal role in both commercial and public communication strategies.

Given the recent advancements in WeChat's Official Account features, it presents a compelling opportunity for businesses looking to tap into the People's Republic of China (PRC) community which includes out of China market.

Understanding the buying behavior of the PRC market is crucial and statistics show that incorporating interactive features like the "listened" function aka Podcasts can be highly effective in capturing audience attention. Don't miss out on the chance to leverage these features and make your mark in the thriving PRC market.

This marks my final article of the year, and I want to extend my heartfelt wishes to everyone for a wonderful year ahead.

 Warren is an experienced serial entrepreneur, having started his 1st biz in 1999. Since then he has ventured into various industries, including telecommunications, F&B, training and business consultancy for the Chinese market. He was one of the few  overseas WeChat Entreprenuers endorsed by WeChat in 2019.

Warren currently focus in helping Singapore companies to expand their businesses thru building Chinese digital presence, conduct market research, company set up, providing marketing strategies to finding potential partners in Shanghai, China.


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