What is WeChat and Why has it become so popular?

The other name for WeChat is Weixin in Chinese, which means micro-message. WeChat is one of the most popular and most used social networks in China. The concept of WeChat is pretty simple, it is the combination of Whatsapp and Facebook in a single app with different functions.

This awesome mobile application was developed by Tencent. WeChat is the only application which, through which you can send texts, voice messages, share your pictures, send money, order food, play games and can even call your friend, all through a single app.


  • 1.12 Billion people use WeChat among which there are 570 million active users.
  • Out of these 1.12 Billion users, 100 million users are out of China.
  • 50% of the WeChat users are youth who are aged between 20-29 years.
  • WeChat is available in more than 200 countries and also supports 20 languages.


How can WeChat be used as a Marketing Tool?

If you own business and want to succeed in China, then WeChat is your only go. WeChat is the really effective way of advertising, but to get success with your strategy, you should first understand the way how WeChat works.

Optimizing your Content

There are three different ways which your brand can try to attract your customers. A verified brand account can be easily seen by a WeChat user because one of their friends might have shared a link related to your brand.

You should be able to interact with your customers by sending them the relevant content which should be unique. In simple terms, you need to attract your customers.

Using WeChat Features Efficiently

There are a lot of tools available on WeChat using which you can make your marketing strategy more efficient. You should know the basics of WeChat like how to use it. The interesting part is that you can publish five types of different contents, such as audio, text, video, pictures and others.

Your marketing offer can also include e-coupon and promotional offers as well. Now you can also find the WeChat Official account of a company just by scanning the QR Code, you simply need to add “Scan and Add” This is a good way to get some massive following rapidly.

WeChat Marketing Tool Examples

Nike and its Campaign

The trend for fitness is present all over the world, and Nike has been succeeded with its content marketing strategy. Nike used WeChat as one of its most important marketing tool for its communication campaign. The whole concept behind this was to promote the fitness health and encourage women to do exercise who are not fit.

British Airways Campaign

British Airways is one among those few companies which have noticed the huge potential of WeChat and utilized it. At the time of Chinese New Year in the year 2014, the company has deiced to offer gifts for their customers.

In the beginning, a red envelope was delivered to the customers home in which it has warm greetings from the CEO and a $50 coupon. The campaign was a huge success and attracted 10,000 followers to the account.


In recent times, WeChat has become a social media leader in China and this has led to its market leadership in social media marketing. If you are looking to do business in China, I guess WeChat must be one of your prime marketing channels.




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